Understanding Coolsculpting by Zeltiq

When patients are looking to lose pockets of fat, especially around their waistline, the first method that comes to mind – other than rigorous exercise – would probably be liposuction, the surgical procedure to permanently reduce fat cells from selected areas on the body. However, liposuction, as a surgical procedure, comes with its own risks [...]

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Men are turning to aesthetic clinics to look younger

Cosmetic procedures have always been associated with the fairer sex. But times are a changing. More and more men are undergoing aesthetic procedures to make themselves look more youthful. There are several procedures, offered by EHA Clinic, that are gaining popularity mostly because they offer greatly reduced downtime and minimal discomfort coupled with impressive results. [...]

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How EHA Clinic’s non-surgical procedures can help you turn back your clock

Ageing is a natural part of the human life. Some of us, however, may see the visible signs of ageing – wrinkled skin, loose fats and shedding of hair – faster than others. For those who enjoy the youthful demeanour, this can be a nightmare. Thankfully, with recent advancements in medicine, there are procedures that [...]

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5 common misconceptions about the BOTOX injection

BOTOX is growing in popularity. In one year, about six million BOTOX treatments are administered all over the world to beautify and rejuvenate faces. The promise of looking years younger than one’s actual age is an attractive prospect, especially for people whose careers depend on their looks, such as actors, performers, and businessmen. BOTOX works [...]

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3 reasons to undergo a Venus Viva treatment

Venus Viva is a medical device that improves the tone, texture and overall quality of the patient’s skin. The device emits microfocused fractional radiofrequency that heats specific pigments in the skin, thereby triggering healing in those areas. Because the energy is so focused, the treatment is fully customisable, and can be used on all types [...]

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EHA Skincare Hydra pH Cleansing Gel and Skin Refining Enzyme

Want clean, bouncy and clog free skin? Then try out EHA Skincare's Hydra pH Cleansing Gel and Skin Refining Enzyme powder, that when combined together, gently exfoliates and thoroughly cleanses skin without upsetting its delicate pH balance. EHA Skincare is located at 1 Scotts Road - #03-28, Shaw Centre Orchard, 228208, Singapore.

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3 reasons to choose iGrow for your hair growth needs

iGrow is a treatment that uses LED lights and high quality lasers to stimulate hair growth on the scalp. When undergoing the treatment, the patient will wear a helmet-like device on their head. After switching on, the device will use low-level laser therapy (LLLT) to stimulate cellular activity on the scalp thereby facilitating the growth [...]

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3 reasons why you should get an IPL Photo-facial

The IPL (intense pulsed light) Photo-facial or Photo-rejuvenation is a popular cosmetic treatment to treat blotches on the skin and redness, rosacea and age spots on the face and chest. This treatment also stimulates the production of collagen and improves pore size (minimally) on the treated areas. During the treatment, Dr Elias Tam, who has [...]

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EHA Skincare New Launch Event Coverage

EHA Skincare introduces their best selling range of Japan-made skincare products as well as a few of the other cult favourites brands that they carry, such as Ingirl Stinn Mineral makeup (this Taiwanese professional makeup range is exclusive to, and only available at EHA Skincare) and Luscious Lips anti-ageing lipgloss (which is chock full of [...]

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3 reasons why you should consider getting a threadlift

Threadlift is a minimally invasive treatment that inserts a special barbed surgical thread into the skin to tighten and lift different areas on the face. Attached to these ‘threads’ are small barbs that causes inflammation, which will help stimulate the production of collagen in those areas. Collagen is the protein that is naturally found in [...]

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EHA Moisturising Gel and EHA Sunshield 24Hr sunscreen

Learn all about our top selling, Japan-made EHA Moisturising Gel and EHA Sunshield 24Hr sunscreen and join Chanel from My Fat Pocket as she gives our products a whirl. EHA Skincare is located at 1 Scotts Road - #03-28, Shaw Centre Orchard, 228208, Singapore.

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3 Reasons Why Soprano XLi is Perfect for Hair Removal

Soprano XLi is a revolutionary hair removal treatment. During the treatment, hair follicles in the sub-dermal layer of the skin are gradually heated using pulses of diode energy. After several treatments, the targeted areas no longer produce new hair. Unlike other hair removal treatments, this treatment heats hair follicles very gradually, avoiding pain and prolonged [...]

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Stefanie’s Visitations to EHA Skincare

Stefanie visits EHA Skincare to find out what skin care products are essential to keep her skin healthy and vibrant. She also experiences her first facial treatment, that was specially selected for her skin type and condition. EHA Skincare is located at 1 Scotts Road - #03-28, Shaw Centre Orchard, 228208, Singapore.

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3 reasons why the FUE Hair Transplant is the best answer to your hair growth needs

The Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Hair Transplant is one of the ways to treat hair loss on the scalp. With the FUE treatment, follicular units, made up of one to four strands of hair, are extracted from a healthy part of the scalp, and then transplanted onto the balding area. This is different from some [...]

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3 Reasons Why Coolsculpting is Best for your Fat Loss Needs

Coolsculpting by ZELTIQ is a revolutionary fat loss treatment that uses extreme cold to freeze off fat cells in specific parts of the body. These fat cells are killed without affecting the rest of the cells in the region. The frozen fat cells are then reabsorbed into the body, leaving the region with less fat [...]

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Top 3 advantages of a Liposonix treatment

Liposonix is a non-surgical fat reduction treatment that uses high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) energy to kill off fat cells in a localised region of the body. After the fat cells are destroyed, the body’s natural processes will absorb the dead cells over time, resulting in lesser fat cells in those areas, and a slimmer waistline. [...]

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