3 Reasons To Choose PICO For Your Pigmentation Problems

Pigmentation on the face is a common skin problem caused by multiple factors. Besides being hereditary, prolonged exposure to the sun and ultraviolet (UV) rays might produce an inflammatory response and trigger melanin production. When the body produces too much melanin, it gets dispersed unevenly, resulting in an uneven skin tone. Dark and discoloured spots may [...]

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What Is Hyperpigmentation, And How Can We Cure It?

You may notice patches of skin on your face that has turned slightly darker than the rest of your complexion. Sometimes, the darkened patch is very prominent, and other times less obvious. In some instances, there may not be just one patch, but multiple patches all over the face and neck. If you see such darkening, you may be [...]

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All you need to know about laser tattoo removal

When you get a tattoo, you know that they will be permanent; an imprint on your skin that will forever remind you of how you felt at a specific point in your life. A tattoo could be a declaration of love, a nagging reminder never to do something again, or simply an aesthetic decoration on [...]

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