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When it comes to aestheticAcne is a very common problem among teenagers. What may be less well known is that it can affect many adults as well.

While there are many effective treatments, the most commonly used are antibiotics and retinoid acid. These treatments can cause irritation or even result in the development of antibiotic resistance over time.

A new addition to the armory against  acne is EHA Acne Clear. This topical treatment is free of antibiotics, steroids and retinoid acid.

Instead, EHA Acne Clear contains a combination of salicyclic acid, ascobyl palmitate, oligopeptide and other ingredients to control excessive sebum production, inflammation and proliferation of bacteria, making it a gentle, yet effective option.

Simply dab EHA Acne Clear on the affected area twice a day after cleansing your face with the EHA cleanser and moisturizing gel for the effective control of acne.

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