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Coolsculpting is a non-surgical fat-reduction treatment that is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and can be found in Singapore. The treatment is beneficial for targeting stubborn, pockets of fat around the midriff thighs, the back of the arms, as well as the double chin.

The technology is based on the concept that fat cells can be killed by extreme cold without causing any damage to the rest of the cells in the region. The procedure uses a machine to freeze the fat cells in a particular area of the body, killing them in the process. After which, the body will absorb the dead fat cells over time, leaving the region with a reduced number of fat cells.

The method of this technique is different from the usual weight loss procedures as fat cells are killed, rather than shrunk. With the use of Coolsculpting technology, the fat cells are completely removed from the area. Primary results can be expected after a few weeks, while the best results after the treatment can be seen after three months.

It is highly recommended that patients continue with a healthy diet and exercise routine after the treatment, as the remaining fat cells can still grow.

The treatment is simple, short and effective. It destroys on average 25% of fat cells in the area treated and is a walk-in, walk-out treatment with little to no downtime. Usually, the cost of the treatment will depend on the number of treatments you need, and the applicators used.

Read the information below to learn more about how the CoolAdvantage and CoolMini applicators have further enhanced this excellent treatment in Singapore.

CoolAdvantage & CoolMini

CoolAdvantage is the latest applicator used for harnessing the technology behind Coolsculpting. Featuring the newest technology, CoolAdvantage promises to deliver a more efficient treatment process for patients in Singapore. With its lower temperature, the usually one-hour long process can be shortened to a mere 35 minutes for medium-sized treatment areas. The shorter treatment time needed will be a great advantage for busy people in Singapore who are seeking a quick but effective treatment. that they can even do during their lunch break.

As the CoolAdvantage applicator has interchangeable contours, it is best suited as a tool for treatment for different areas. Due to the enhanced design of the CoolAdvantage applicator, more tissue can be treated, meaning that you can better target your desired areas to achieve far better results.

Furthermore, the CoolAdvantage applicator has an innovative cup design that provides patients with a more comfortable treatment experience. The advancements in the cooling technology used also ensure that patients experience a dramatic reduction in the amount of bruising that may be seen after the treatment.

Similar to the CoolAdvantage, CoolMini has an improved design due to its small size that uses the cooling technology to target smaller areas. The CoolMini applicator can be used to target specific areas like the armpits, double chin and knees.

Hence, the CoolAdvantage and CoolMini applicators are one of the best ways for you to gain a leaner body without undergoing surgery in Singapore.

Contact EHA Clinic in Singapore to book your consultation with Dr Elias Tam and get more details on our CoolAdvantage and CoolMini applicators today. For more information about the price of the treatments and which applicators are best suited for you, please contact the clinic staff, who will be happy to help answer any questions you may have.

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