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Our in-house hydrating facial treatment provides the dry, dehydrated, tired and stressed skin on your face an intensive boost of hydration.

The treatment has two components: a rejuvenating facial massage and a nourishing facial mask to drench your skin with moisture, both applied whilst you enjoy a massage to clear your mind and bring you much-needed harmony and tranquility. The treatment is great to keep you look refreshed after long hours at work.

The end result? Exceptionally nourished skin and an inner sense of great well-being.

The procedure takes 75 minutes and costs $150.

How does the Facial work?

The client will remove makeup and cleanse their face.

Then, there is a light gentle exfoliation of the face using EHA Exfoliating Gel. It provides a cool sensation on the face, and is cited by patients as a relaxing treatment to get them relaxed.

Afterwards, cool steam is used to make the client’s skin soft and moisturized. The cool steam treatment also helps patients with sensitive skin to cool down after the exfoliation, where scrubbing is expected. The cool steam lasts about 10 minutes.

The full treatment uses two types of facial masks – the Hydrating Gel mask, and the Jasmine Soothing Treatment mask – both of which are applied onto the face simultaneously.

During the treatment, you will also undergo eyebrow trimming and shaping, a scrub, a light extraction, and skin toning.

After the majority of the treatment is completed, eye gel, moisturiser and sunblock are applied, leaving the client with hydrated, soft and supple skin.

Perhaps it is time to treat yourself with our EHA Intense Hydrating Facial. Want to learn more? Contact us to find out more about this facial treatment.

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