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Pigmentation on the face is a common skin problem caused by multiple factors. Besides being hereditary, prolonged exposure to the sun and ultraviolet (UV) rays might produce an inflammatory response and trigger melanin production. When the body produces too much melanin, it gets dispersed unevenly, resulting in an uneven skin tone. Dark and discoloured spots may also appear due to acne scarring and changes in our body’s hormone levels, which as a result, will lead to an excessive production of melanin and increased pigmentation.

Discovery PICO is an aesthetic treatment offered by EHA Clinic in Singapore. It is a cosmetic procedure targeted at reducing and removing unwanted skin pigmentations. As the second generation of picosecond lasers, Discovery PICO works by fragmenting the melanin and pigment particles on the skin.

Here are three benefits to using PICO for pigmentation treatment.

Fast and effective laser procedure

The Discovery PICO laser can be used in the removal of benign, pigmented lesions such as age spots, birthmarks, as well as skin rejuvenation applications and acne scarring. Before the treatment starts, your skin will be cleansed and a numbing cream applied if required, and you will be equipped with laser protective goggles.

Believed to be the most innovative medical laser available today in the market, Discovery PICO emits high energy and operates in ultrashort pulses to picoseconds. The high pulses of energy allow the laser to target specific areas of concern without affecting any of the surrounding skin.

Due to its ability to emit dual wavelength, it is able to treat various depth of pigments and lesions across differing skin types. Depending on the severity of the pigmentation, approximately 3 to 6 treatments may be necessary, with the melanin pigment continuing to fade in between each treatment. As it is a fast procedure, it can be performed during ones lunch hour.

Provides a gentler treatment

Discovery PICO uses a process called the photoacoustic effect which breaks down the pigments into tiny dust sized particles. The laser operates with high peak power and the shortest pulse duration. This leads to the laser being on your skin for a shorter time, and increase the efficacy of the treatment results.

It is also an effective treatment for laser tattoo removal and does not use an intensive laser energy to heat up tattoo ink or pigment particles. With minimal heat generated, patients can worry less about any thermal or heat damage. The photoacoustic effect is also beneficial in stimulating collagen production and enhancing skin texture and quality.

Discovery PICO is almost painless

Patients describe the feeling of the laser pulses as a tingling sensation on their skin. The doctor may prescribe a numbing cream to alleviate any slight discomfort experienced during the treatment process. Mild redness can possibly occur post-treatment but it will normally fade within an hour.

PICO for pigmentation is an effective treatment and is approved for use in Singapore’s aesthetic centre. Contact EHA Clinic at 6235 3325 today to enquire about PICO for pigmentation.

Two Non-Surgical Alternatives To The Traditional Facelift Mon, 30 Oct 2017 09:51:15 +0000

A facelift, or a rhytidectomy, is a surgical procedure that aims to give the face a more youthful appearance by lifting the sagging and drooping areas of the face. Traditionally, a facelift is performed by a plastic surgeon and works by removing any excess facial skin to tighten (or ‘lift’) the face. It is often combined with other surgical procedures such as eyelid surgery to enhance your desired look.

However, as the facelift is a surgical procedure, there are all the risks associated with any surgical procedure, from bleeding, bruising, infection, scarring, and complications with anaesthesia may occur during the surgery. The risks of complications increase if the patient has high blood pressure and/or diabetes.

Surgery can also be considerably expensive and requires you to take time off from work for recovery. Furthermore, the recovery process can be uncomfortable and painful.

Fortunately, advancements in medical technology mean that you can forgo surgery and still get the benefits of a facelift minus the high cost, risk and downtime! Here are two non-surgical alternatives to the facelift.

Ultherapy: Ultrasound skin tightening

Ultherapy is one of the newest and only non-invasive technologies utilizing ultrasound, that that can lift and tighten the skin. Ultherapy uses ultrasound to trigger the body’s regenerative processes to gently and gradually lift your skin.

One of the main advantages of Ultherapy is its precision. Unlike laser treatments, which use light energy, Ultherapy uses sound energy. As the skin is not easily heated when exposed to sound energy, the energy can be delivered to the deeper layers of the skin without affecting the external layer.

Ultherapy’s ultrasound technology also allows for imaging – your aesthetic doctor will be able to see and target the tissues during the treatment, this enables him/her to target exactly the depth required and not any deeper, to ensure that you always achieve the best results. Additionally, as the treatment is applied using an applicator, no incisions are required and you can resume your everyday activities immediately after leaving the clinic. Hence, Ultherapy is an excellent alternative to a surgical facelift for those that want the benefits of a facelift, without having to go under the knife.


During a threadlift treatment, a barbed thread is inserted into the face. This thread helps to stimulate the production of collagen in those areas. Collagen is the protein that gives our skin its strength and is naturally produced in our body. Hence, the production of collagen helps to rejuvenate our skin, much like the effects of a facelift.

The effects of a threadlift are subtle and immediate, though it will continue to improve up to two months after the procedure. You will not need to undergo a separate procedure to remove the thread from your face, as the inserted thread will be absorbed by the body after one to two years.

Under the guidance of our Medical Director, Dr Elias Tam, both threadlift and Ultherapy are offered. Dr Tam has over 20 years of medical experience and more than 10 years in the field of aesthetic medicine. To book an appointment with Dr Tam, call EHA Clinic at 6235 3325.

Understanding Venus Viva Tue, 24 Oct 2017 07:24:36 +0000

The one thing worse than acne, are the pitted scars that it leaves behind, that unfortunately not even the priciest foundation can totally conceal. This is because pitted scars causes the skin to look more textured and uneven, even under full makeup, which is why a treatment like Venus Viva, is a total godsend!

Venus Viva is a skin-resurfacing treatment that is approved by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). The treatment is used to restore healthy skin, and reduce the signs of skin damage, such as enlarged pores, wrinkles, scars, rosacea and stretch marks. It also has the added benefit of making the skin smoother and healthier by improving the production of collagen in the treated areas. Collagen is a naturally-produced protein that gives the skin its strength. Hence, an improved production of collagen will mean having tighter and more youthful skin.

When you make an appointment with EHA Clinic for the Venus Viva treatment, you will be invited to a short consultation with our Medical Director, Dr Elias Tam. During the consultation, talk to him about your concerns and he will discuss a treatment plan with you. You can also take this opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the treatment. Dr Tam has practised medicine for over 24 years, and about 19 years in aesthetic medicine, so he would be the best person to address your concerns.

After the consultation with doctor Tam, you can return at a later date for the treatment. Venus Viva is performed using an applicator attached to a machine. This applicator uses very tiny pins to create micro-wounds in the inner layer of the skin. At the same time, the applicator emits NanoFractional Radio Frequency (RF) energy, which helps to stimulate collagen production. Afterwards, new skin will be produced to fill in the micro-wounds, leaving you with clearer and fresher looking skin.

While the idea of micro-wounds may sound painful, it is actually not. Venus Viva has multiple different settings that can be adjusted, depending on the patient’s pain threshold and the severity of the skin condition. Nurses at EHA Clinic will also apply a numbing cream onto the treated areas before the treatment, which will help reduce any pain or discomfort.

There is 1-3 days of downtime after the procedure, and you can return to work 2 days after leaving the clinic. However, you should note that the treated areas will look slightly red, and the micro-wounds will be visible. These signs will begin to disappear in about three days. You can usually start to wear makeup 24 hours after leaving the clinic. The doctor may inform you of certain aftercare steps that you should follow to have a smooth recovery process.

One of the best things about Venus Viva is that the results are long lasting. While you may require multiple treatments to resolve the skin condition completely, the effects of the treatment will definitely help to improve the health of your skin.

If you are interested in undergoing the Venus Viva procedure or would like to learn more about it, contact EHA Clinic at 6235 3325.

Resolve Hair Loss Problems with FUE Hair Transplant Mon, 16 Oct 2017 15:49:53 +0000 Resolve Hair Loss Problems with FUE Hair Transplant

Pattern hair loss is a condition that can be very demoralising for both males and females as they may experience diminished confidence. While there are many methods of resolving your hair loss problems, hair transplantation is likely the most effective treatment that will have a lasting effect.

A Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant is a modern method of hair transplant that allows hair loss sufferers to restore their hair to its former glory.

This method of hair transplant involves the removal of individual hair follicular units with the utilisation of a small puncture that ranges from 0.8mm to 1.3mm. The hair follicular units are then transplanted into areas that are pre-determined by the surgeon.

The FUE method also allows surgeons to have greater control over the extraction and insertion of the individual grafts to the pre-determined areas. This results in a more natural look as the grafts can be inserted in a realistic hair pattern.  Additionally, hair transplant is a natural and permanent method of resolving your hair loss problems, as the donor hair follicles will grow like normal hair.

Benefits of FUE

Known for being less invasive as compared to the traditional Strip Removal hair transplant method, the FUE method is a great alternative for those that are afraid of scarring.

The traditional hair transplant method involves the extraction of a strip of skin from the back of your head before being divided into smaller grafts. Thus, the Strip Removal process will leave behind unsightly linear scars that will be more obvious on those that prefer to have a shorter hairstyle.

However, as only individual follicles are removed for the FUE method, the resulting scars from this method of hair transplant are small and unnoticeable. This technique also enables us extract hair follicles from other body area including the beard and chest in suitable cases, to improve the outcome of those with severe hair loss and insufficient hair on the scalp for transplant.

The recovery time needed for an FUE hair transplant is lesser as compared to the traditional method. That will allow the patient to resume their daily activities more quickly with minimal discomfort. Nevertheless, patients are still advised to avoid exercising or any other strenuous activity for at least a week after the procedure for optimum recovery.

Disadvantages of FUE

A disadvantage of the FUE method will be the longer surgical time needed, as the process is time-consuming. The experience of the surgeon is of particular importance, as less experienced surgeons may lack the necessary skills to perform the FUE method.

Hence, choosing a doctor with outstanding skills should be your utmost priority if you wish to undergo the FUE hair transplant process. Dr Elias Tam at EHA Clinic is an experienced doctor for the procedure as he has had many satisfied customers in his over 20 years of experience.

The FUE hair transplant method is usually more expensive than other hair treatments due to the higher skill level and longer time required. However, the results will be better when done by a skillful surgeon, as less donor hair follicles will be wasted during the process.

EHA Clinic is a reliable choice for those that wish to undergo the FUE hair transplant procedure in Singapore. Contact us at 6235 3325 to learn more about the hair transplant procedure, including the estimated cost and expected recovery time.

Understanding Dermal Fillers Mon, 09 Oct 2017 03:01:14 +0000 Understanding Dermal Fillers

Fillers are commonly seen as a way to combat ageing. But what exactly do dermal fillers achieve when they are injected into the face?

Common signs of ageing show on the face through wrinkles, crows’ feet, frown lines, and other facial lines on the face. These lines are caused due to the natural loss of fat in certain fat compartments on the face as well as the loss of collagen and elastin in the dermis that maintain the skin’s plumpness, suppleness and elasticity. These structural supports chemicals that are produced in abundance during a person’s youth, but slow down in old age.

When the dermis, or inner layer of the skin, loses these proteins, the support structure of the skin is weakened. The outer layer, or epidermis, grows thinner, and will not be able to retain moisture. With these conditions, an older face can often look saggy and worn as fine lines on the face begin to form.

Age is a common factor that causes lines to appear on the face. Constant and repeated frowning, laughing or squinting can also etch patterns in the skin resulting in wrinkles.

Dermal fillers can help to reduce these lines on the face without needing to undergo surgery.

When fillers are injected into the skin, they can help restore lost volume on the face. Fillers can also increase the fullness of the lips, and can be used to contour the jawline and the nose.

One of the most common substances used as dermal fillers is hyaluronic acid. It is naturally found within the body, making it safe and non-allergenic. There are also other materials that may be useful. This include calcium hydroxyapatite and PLLA(poly-L-Lactic acid). It is important to check that the product is safe. It should be HSA (Health Science Authority of Singapore) and/or US FDA approved. You should check it at the respective websites to be sure.

During treatment, fillers are injected into the affected areas. The treatment is quick and relatively painless. The treatments for dermal fillers can be completed in less than half an hour, and you may immediately resume your everyday activities after leaving the clinic; there is usually no downtime after the procedure.

It is important to distinguish the difference between dermal fillers and the other commonly known aesthetic procedure, BOTOX. Dermal fillers help to plump up the treated areas by adding volume to the injected areas, while BOTOX helps to relax the muscles in the treated area to prevent the formation of wrinkles. Dermal fillers and BOTOX are complementary and are commonly used in conjunction to achieve a more youthful face.

After the treatment, the area will slowly be plumped up, making any creases or lines disappear. The effects of a dermal filler are immediate, and will last from six months to two years. After the period, you may need another injection.

When booking an appointment with EHA Clinic for dermal fillers, Dr Elias Tam, who has over 20 years of medical experience, will have a 15 to 30 minute consultation with you to better understand your aesthetic needs and answer any questions you may have about the procedure.

Dermal fillers are a great way to reverse the signs of ageing on your face, and is approved for use in Singapore’s aesthetic clinics. Contact EHA Clinic at 6235 3325 to book an appointment.

What Is Hyperpigmentation, And How Can We Cure It? Mon, 02 Oct 2017 12:24:16 +0000 What Is Hyperpigmentation, And How Can We Cure It?

You may notice patches of skin on your face that has turned slightly darker than the rest of your complexion. Sometimes, the darkened patch is very prominent, and other times less obvious. In some instances, there may not be just one patch, but multiple patches all over the face and neck. If you see such darkening, you may be experiencing hyperpigmentation. The term hyperpigmentation refers to unusual darkening of the skin, often due to the increased production of pigment (usually melanin), but it may also be due to other substances such as iron deposition in the skin.

There are many causes for hyperpigmentation. Some are harmless and may be due to ageing or excessive and unprotected sun exposure in the past. This darkening of the skin is caused when too much melanin is produced. Melanin is the pigment that is responsible for giving our skin, eyes and hair its colour. Other more serious causes include Addison’s disease (due to a problem in the adrenal gland), Café au lait (a genetic condition that may have increased risk of neurofibromatosis), or photo-allergy.

Hyperpigmentation can affect anyone, regardless of ethnicity and skin colour.

The most common form of hyperpigmentation is known as age spots. Age spots are caused by the skin’s prolonged exposure to the sun. They are most commonly found on the face or hands, or other areas often exposed to the sun.

Another form of hyperpigmentation that may occur is known as Melasma. Melasma, unlike age spots, are more diffused and larger. It is linked to genetic predisposition and is aggravated by hormonal changes, in the case of pregnant women, or those on hormonal medications. The hormonal changes cause the melanocytes to enlarge and this leads to the overproduction of melanin, which results in the darkened areas.

While hyperpigmentation is often harmless, the dark patches on your skin can make you look older. Discovery PICO laser treatment is a good choice to help even out and improve the skin tone.

Discovery PICO is an aesthetic treatment that uses lasers that makes contact with the targeted area every picosecond, or one-trillionth of a second. The treatment targets the pigments that occur due to hyperpigmentation, and causes them to be removed by the body. Unlike the previous generations of nanosecond lasers, picosecond lasers generate minimal heat, allowing for less downtime and reaction, and generating a photo-acoustic effect on the treated areas.

The photo-acoustic effect also stimulates the production of collagen, a protein that gives the skin its strength. The skin on the treated area would thus become tighter, and more youthful-looking.

Within a few weeks, clear skin will surface within the treated areas.

Discovery PICO treatments are quick, usually taking only one hour per session, and relatively comfortable, due to the minimal heat generated. However, patients may need to return for multiple sessions, depending on the type and degree of their pigmented lesion.

EHA Clinic in Singapore, recommends Discovery PICO for the treatment of pigmentation. Dr Elias Tam, our resident doctor who has over 20 years of medical experience, will ensure your treatment goes smoothly and successfully. He will also gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding this new treatment.

Before your first session, you will have a short 15 to 30 minute consultation with Dr Tam. During this pre-treatment consultation, Dr Tam will be able to ascertain your suitability for the procedure.

For queries about Discovery PICO or to book an appointment, call EHA Clinic at 6235 3325.

Fat Removal: Comparing Liposonix and Liposuction Mon, 25 Sep 2017 05:02:29 +0000 Fat Removal: Comparing Liposonix and Liposuction

While a healthy diet and exercise regimen is good for your overall wellbeing, there are times when no matter how many hours you clock on the elliptical machine still leaves you with that bit of jiggly fat that just won’t budge. If you are nodding your head while reading this, then keep scrolling down, because we are going to talk about a healthy and simple solution to those stubborn jiggly bits.

A new method of fat reduction has surfaced due to recent advances in medical technology. Unlike Liposuction, this new treatment is non-invasive, has zero downtime and can be performed in an hour. This amazing treatment is known as Liposonix.

While both Liposuction and Liposonix serve the same objective of removing body fat, they differ greatly in how they achieve their goal. When deciding which procedure to undergo, it is important to carefully consider which one is most appropriate for your situation. Here are the two main differences between Liposuction and Liposonix.

Surgical procedure vs Non-invasive aesthetic treatment

Liposuction is a surgical procedure as it involves the physical destruction and removal of the fatty tissue. A surgeon will insert a cannula through an incision on the skin into the fatty tissue. A negative pressure is then created using a suction pump or a syringe, to remove the fat cells in the targeted area. This traumatic process can result in injury to the surrounding connective tissue and neurovascular structure. Tumescent technique (a local anesthesia technique) alone may be sufficient for liposuction in most cases, while sedation or general anesthesia may be needed in others. Anesthesia carries a risk by itself, and would be most risky for those with medical conditions such as diabetes or hypertension.

On the other hand, Liposonix is a safe FDA approved non-invasive procedure that uses ultrasound energy, which is focused in the subcutaneous fat layer beneath the skin, eliminating unwanted fat cells without causing damage to the surrounding tissue. The high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) energy emitted by the Liposonix hand-piece disrupts subcutaneous adipose tissue, which is then naturally excreted from the body.

Best of all, there is no downtime needed for recovery. Patients undergoing Liposonix may resume their daily lives immediately after leaving the clinic. This is why Liposonix is a great and safe option for those with busy schedules or those who simply prefer to avoid the risks and downtime associated with any surgical procedure.

Immediate result vs Gradual result

Because Liposuction is a surgical procedure, it comes with the risks and downtime, not to mention high cost common to any surgical procedure. During the treatment, the targeted fat cells will be removed and the procedure can take up to 60 minutes, depending on the amount of fat being removed. After the procedure is completed, the targeted fat cells are completely removed from the targeted area. However post procedure, it should be borne in mind that due to swelling from the surgery, it would take anywhere from 3 to 6 months to see the final result.

Liposonix, instead, takes 8 to 12 weeks after an hour long session to show its full results. During that period, the body will absorb the killed fat cells through its regenerative processes. Even after the process is complete, the amount of fat that is removed is not drastic. Patients will generally lose a few dress or pant sizes during that period.

Liposonix is ideal for patients who need to lose the last bit of belly fat that just won’t budge despite a healthy diet and exercise. Liposonix is also good for patients who would like to see a gradual change in their belly fat.

EHA Clinic, a leading aesthetic clinic in Singapore, offers Liposonix. For more information on the treatment or to book an appointment, call EHA Clinic at 6235 3325.

Doctor’s Tips – Focused Ultrasound Mon, 18 Sep 2017 05:05:39 +0000

Dr Elias Tam, an experienced doctor at EHA Clinic, discusses the process of ageing, and how to lessen its effects using a treatment – Focused Ultrasound (Ultheraphy). Focused Ultrasound is a non-invasive treatment method, and can tighten the skin while stimulating collagen production.

Understanding Ultherapy Mon, 11 Sep 2017 06:30:22 +0000 Understanding Ultherapy

All of us have heard of ultrasound. It is a high-frequency sound wave that is commonly used in pregnancy sonograms. Traditionally, doctors have used ultrasound for imaging – to examine internal organs without having to perform any surgical procedure.

However, a new use for ultrasound has emerged in the field of aesthetic medicine.

Ultherapy is a FDA-approved aesthetic treatment that uses ultrasound to lift and tighten the skin on the face and body. It is commonly coined as the non-surgical alternative to the traditional facelift, because it can achieve the effects of a facelift without the patient going under the knife.

During the treatment, focused ultrasound energy is delivered to the deep tissue layer beneath the skin’s surface to kickstart the production of collagen and elastin, the proteins responsible for the elasticity, strength and tightness of the skin. As the targeted skin begins to produce these proteins, the skin is lifted and tightened, countering the sagginess that comes with age and gravity.

One of the best properties of Ultherapy is that the result looks natural. This is because the procedure uses the body’s ability to produce collagen. The other crucial factor is the safety of Ultherapy. This is attributed to the real-time visualization of the various layers of the tissue, and the precision of focusing the ultrasound to the correct depth of the targeted tissue. This allows the practitioner to avoid injury to the underlying bone and other important structures that should not be hit by the focused ultrasound.

Patients who have just completed the Ultherapy procedure can expect to see some initial effect of skin tightening, and these improvement will get more pronounced over the course of three months. Patients often experience smoother and firmer skin on the treated areas, which helps them look younger.

Commonly treated areas are the forehead (for browlift), cheek, neck and also area around the eye to achieve a fresher and rejuvenated look(brow, neck, chin, and jaws). The results are expected to last for about one to two years.

EHA Clinic, a leading aesthetic clinic in Singapore, offers the Ultherapy treatment, performed by our resident doctor, Dr Elias Tam, who has over 20 years of medical experience and over 10 years in the field of aesthetic medicine.

Before your first treatment, you will have a 15 to 30-minute consultation with Dr Tam, who will be able to explain to you the processes that will happen during treatment. You should also take this opportunity to clarify any doubts you may have regarding the treatment.

During your treatment, Dr Tam will apply an ultrasound gel onto the targeted area. Then, he will use the Ultherapy device to deliver focused ultrasound energy to the layers beneath the skin. Patients have reported a warm and prickly sensation under the skin where the ultrasound is delivered.

There is no injection and no knives used during the procedure

The treatment time is considerably short, taking a total of about 60 minutes. There is no downtime, so you may resume your daily activities immediately.

While Ultherapy cannot duplicate the full results of the facelift, it is a great clinically proven, minimally invasive alternative for patients who would like their skin to be lifted and tightened. Moreover, it is the only non-invasive treatment in the market, which is approved by the FDA that can effectively lift and tighten the face.

Ultherapy has received excellent reviews from Singapore patients, and is approved for use in Singapore’s aesthetic clinics.

For any queries about Ultherapy or any other treatments offered by EHA, or to book an appointment with Dr Tam, call us at 6235 3325.

The New Way To Remove Spots On The Skin Wed, 06 Sep 2017 06:19:35 +0000 The New Way to Remove Spots On The Skin

Whether the spots are caused by sun damage, acne or age, many desire to be rid of these blemishes and blotches, and achieve clean, smooth and clear skin.

Usually, such spots will occur at some point in a person’s life. While it is completely normal, people with these spots may see themselves as less beautiful, resulting in a lower self-confidence.

Unnatural-looking spots on the skin can also greatly affect the careers of those who rely on their looks in their day-to-day activities, such as actors, social media influencers and high-flying businessmen.

While a thick layer of make-up can conceal the spots, it is only temporary. To ensure the complete removal, only an aesthetic treatment will do.

EHA Clinic recommends the Intense Pulse Light (IPL) Photofacial treatment for spots on the skin.

IPL Photofacial is an effective solution for rosacea, fine lines, age spots, spider veins, sun damage, and acne. Best of all, it has no downtime. Patients may resume their everyday lives immediately after completion of the treatment.

Over the course of 3 to 5 treatments, each lasting about 30 to 40 minutes, the treated areas are exposed to light waves. The light waves are targetted at the spots on the skin, damaging the red blood cells and brown freckles within. The damaged cells are then reabsorbed back into the body through its reparative functions, returning the skin to its natural color.

Dr Elias Tam, resident doctor of EHA Clinic who has over 20 years of medical experience, will take you through the process, beginning with a 15 to 30 minute consultation. This is the best time to ask Dr Tam any questions before the treatment starts.

During the treatment, you will be asked to wear laser-protective sunglasses. Dr Tam will apply a cooling gel on the areas being treated, to help minimize any discomfort you may feel. Pulses of light are then emitted from the IPL device, targetted at a small treated area.

IPL Photofacial, which is also known as IPL Photorejuvenation, also has an added beneficial side effect of improving the production of collagen and elastin on the treated area. Collagen is a protein that helps the skin structure maintain its strength, and elastin helps to maintain the skin’s elasticity. With the production of both proteins increased, the treated skin will age slightly slower.

Results of each treatment should fully surface (or rather, disappear!) 7 to 10 days after you leave the clinic. However, you may immediately resume daily activities, including exercise and the application of make-up, though you should be gentle whenever touching the treated area.

After the treatment, the spots will generally look darker for 3 to 7 days before they begin to lighten.

For any enquiries about the IPL Photofacial or to book an appointment with Dr Tam, do call EHA Clinic at 6235 3325 today.

A Smooth, Hairless Body Is Within Your Reach Mon, 04 Sep 2017 02:31:19 +0000 A Smooth, Hairless Body Is Within Your Reach

Body hair can be a woman’s worst nightmare. Any part of a woman’s body surrounded by unwanted body hair is often perceived as being unwomanly or masculine.

While some women have little to no body hair, many still struggle with unwanted hair, particularly the armpits, and on the legs. These women usually shave or pluck the hair in those areas, and have to schedule in monthly waxes or daily shaving to keep their body smooth and hair free.

There are also risks associated with other hair removal options. With shaving, the shaved area may get infected. With waxing, there is a possibility of burning the skin. The IPL removal method can be more painful and burn the skin more easily.

Instead, for women and men who wish to achieve a completely hairless body, laser hair removal is the most effective method. This treatment, practised by many aesthetic clinics in Singapore, aims a concentrated laser beam at the hair. Pigments in the hair then absorbs the light, and is damaged slightly, stunting any future hair growth. Over a period of several months, you will notice a gradual decreasing and thinning of the hair in the treated area. The result is a permanent removal of hair in those areas.

However, do note that each treatment can only stunt the growth of hair in active hair follicles. Not all follicles are active at the same time. As such, you will likely need 6 or more treatments on the same area over the course of several months for hair to be completely removed.

EHA Clinic offers permanent laser hair removal using Soprano XLi. Unlike other hair removal treatments, Soprano XLi is generally painless. Patients who undergo the treatment have reported a slight, warm feeling during the procedure.

Dr Elias Tam, the Medical Director of EHA Clinic, has over 20 years of medical experience. Before the treatment begins, the nurses will apply a cooling gel to help ease any discomfort you may feel during the treatment.

If required, Dr Tam may suggest you undergo sessions with a stronger setting. This varies from patient to patient, and the area being treated.

Soprano XLi is also great because it can be used on all skin types. This is different from some other laser hair removal treatments, that can only be used on lighter skin tones. Soprano XLi can be used on tanned skin and dark skin, making it suitable for all ethnicities.

Soprano XLi may be used on almost all areas on the body. Commonly treated areas include the forearms, underarms, chest, bikini area and legs. If you would like to treat any other area, do consult with Dr Tam.

Finally, Soprano XLi also has an interesting side effect of tightening the skin on the treated areas, due to the near infra-red energy that is emitted from the device. This energy stimulates the skin’s production of collagen, a protein that helps skin maintain its elasticity.

With so many benefits, Soprano XLi may be your much-needed solution to body hair problems. Contact EHA Clinic at 6235 3325 today to book an appointment for Soprano XLi.

How Your Face Betrays Your Age? Fri, 01 Sep 2017 02:00:50 +0000 how-your-face-betrays-your-age

After we reach a certain age, we can’t help but start to worry about growing older. Being called ‘ah ma’ while in your 30s can sting, hard, which is why many of us wish we could simply reverse the ageing process, to look forever young. While the market is flooded with many anti-ageing products that claim to slow down ageing, or even completely reverse it, you are never sure whether the products actually work. So how does one turn back the clock?

To understand that, we must first understand how the signs of ageing appear on our bodies. As we begin to grow older, our bodily functions begin to slow down. Chemicals that we once produced in abundance start becoming more scarce. One such example is a protein known as collagen, which gives our skin strength and elasticity. When collagen production is reduced, your skin becomes less elastic and more fragile. Wrinkles begin to form too, as your skin turns drier, thinner and less elastic. As you age, the wrinkles will become more pronounced.

Aesthetic medicine has discovered ways to reduce these signs. One method is BOTOX, which helps to remove wrinkles from the face by relaxing the muscles underneath the skin. BOTOX injections are incredibly common among celebrities who wish to look younger, mainly because it is quick to administer, and delivers natural-looking results when performed by an experienced medical professional. A few days after the injection, the wrinkles will appear far less obvious. One BOTOX treatment only takes 15 minutes, and you may resume your everyday life immediately after leaving the clinic.

BOTOX can also be a preventive measure against wrinkles. You can opt to inject BOTOX before wrinkles form, to relax the associated muscles. That way, the wrinkles will not form on the skin. Patients as young as 30 years old are already opting for the BOTOX treatment as a preventive measure against wrinkles.

The effects of BOTOX, however, are not permanent. Typically the effects of a single BOTOX injection lasts about 3 to 6 months. You can then review your previous results and decide whether you would like to have another treatment.

When considering which clinic to have your BOTOX injection in, it is important to select a doctor who is experienced with the substance, as wrong administration of BOTOX can lead to very undesirable results.

Dr Elias Tam of EHA Clinic is the perfect doctor to administer your BOTOX. With over 20 years of medical experience and 10 years of experience with the substance, Dr Tam will ensure your BOTOX injection goes smoothly and is done well.

Before your first session, you will have a consultation with Dr Tam, who will be able to clarify any doubts or queries you may have about the treatment.

Contact EHA Clinic at 6235 3325 to enquire more about BOTOX and schedule an appointment with Dr Tam.

Fat Loss: Why Is My Metabolism Slowing Down? Wed, 30 Aug 2017 11:15:14 +0000 fat-loss-why-is-my-metabolism-slowing-down

You’ve heard it from fitness enterprises. You’ve heard it from personal trainers. You’ve probably even heard it from your PE teacher back in school: to lose weight, one’s calorie output must be more than one’s calorie input. The formula for a slimmer waistline was always constant and rigorous exercise and a well-planned diet.

While this formula may work well in your initial stages of weight loss, things get a bit more complicated when you’re trying to shed off the last bit of belly fat. Suddenly, lunchtime starvation and miles on the treadmill don’t work anymore, and the jiggling lumps on your belly spoil your ideal silhouette.

Worse yet, your metabolism gradually slows down each day as you age. Losing weight may become a struggle as your daily hours become more and more precious. Work begins to pile, and your commitment to your body may begin to falter. Soon, you might give up on it entirely, condemning yourself to a life in a body that, you believe, can no longer be altered to achieve the preciously slim waistline you’ve yearned for decades.

But, it is possible to achieve that slim waistline you’ve always dreamed of. Not without the hard work you need to put in, of course. Your exercise routine and clean diet choices must still be present for you to maintain the ideal body. There are two main treatments that can reduce the fat in your problem area(s); both are offered by aesthetic clinics in Singapore: Coolsculpting by Zeltiq, and Liposonix. Both procedures are great for killing off unwanted fat cells on the body, mostly on the stomach area.

The main difference between the two procedures is that Coolsculpting uses extreme cold to freeze off fat cells, while Liposonix uses high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) energy to kill off fat cells. Both procedures will not affect the external skin layer, targetting only the fat cells underneath the skin.

A new applicator for the Coolsculpting treatment called CoolAdvantage has made the treatment more effective and more comfortable within a shorter treatment time. With CoolAdvantage, patients undergoing the Coolsculpting treatment can finish their treatment in 35 minutes, and witness a dramatic reduction in bruising post treatment.

Dr Tam of EHA Clinic has over 20 years of medical experience, and years of experience with both treatments. He will be able to answer all queries you may have about the treatments.

With Coolsculpting and Liposonix, your ideal figure is no longer a dream. Within 2 to 3 months after the procedure, you can see results.

Coolsculpting and Liposonix is not limited to the abdomen. Consult with Dr Tam if you feel you would like either treatment on any other area of your body, as he would be best to advise you on this.

To sign up for a consultation with Dr Tam regarding the procedure, call EHA Clinic at 6235 3325.

3 Reasons Why You Should Visit An Aesthetic Clinic Today Mon, 28 Aug 2017 02:00:10 +0000 3-reasons-why-you-should-visit-an-aesthetic-clinic-today

You may have never heard of an aesthetic clinic. Or, you may have heard of aesthetic clinics but aren’t exactly sure what they do. Perhaps, your friends have told you about their experience at an aesthetic clinic, and you’re excited. If you fit into any of the above categories, this guide is for you.

An aesthetic clinic is a clinic where a qualified and trained aesthetic doctor performs cosmetic procedures on their patients. Just like how a dentist can treat your teeth and dermatologists can treat your skin, an aesthetic doctor can help you look better. Through a large variety of treatments that an aesthetic clinic offers, your face, body and hair can be made to look more youthful and more beautiful.

Unlike a plastic surgeon, who performs surgery make a patient look better, an aesthetic doctor typically performs minimally invasive procedures — those that do not involve going under the knife. These procedures are gaining popularity among Singaporeans because they require almost no downtime at all. Each procedure can usually be done within the span of a few hours, and patients can usually resume their everyday lives very soon after leaving the clinic.

EHA Clinic, one of Singapore’s leading aesthetic clinics, is proud to be helmed by Dr Elias Tam, who has over 20 years of experience with aesthetic medicine. Patients of EHA Clinic can be assured that their cosmetic procedures are performed by a top-notch doctor.

Here are 3 reasons why you should consider visiting an aesthetic clinic for a cosmetic procedure.

Enhancing your beauty

In just a few hours, you can quite literally transform yourself. Frown line and wrinkles can be erased, depressed areas and sagging skin filled and tightened and unwanted body fat and hair can be removed.

Looking better often translates to feeling better, too. Going for an aesthetic procedure may give a huge boost to one’s self-confidence, especially if the patient is pleased with the outcome of the procedure. At EHA Clinic, we put our patients’ satisfaction as our top priority, so you can be sure that you will head home a happier you.

Minimal downtime

Many of EHA Clinic’s aesthetic procedures have very minimal downtime. Working professionals may not be able to afford to take too much time off from work, making aesthetic procedures perfect for them. This is in stark contrast to plastic surgery, which would require days of rest for the body to recover and bruising to fade.

Fat-reduction procedures such as Coolsculpting by Zeltiq and Liposonix would require a short and comfortable treatment. Dermal fillers and BOTOX injections can be performed within the hour. After the treatment, patients can return to perform their everyday duties, whether that be working, studying or simply relaxing.

Dr Tam may advise you against performing some activities that may affect the results of the procedure, such as heavy physical activity. This varies from procedure to procedure so always be sure to speak to the nurses about post treatment do’s and dont’s.

Minimal discomfort

With the advancements in technology, our treatments have improved in levels of comfort. Discomfort varies from treatment to treatment, but our patients report that our treatments are, at most, only slightly uncomfortable.

At EHA, we take great pride in ensuring your visit is a pleasant experience. Our clinic is equipped with not only WIFI for our customers, a massage chair and a VIP room for privacy and to touch up their make-up, it is also manned by friendly and knowledgable staff. Dr Tam is always ready to answer any questions or concerns you may have about your treatment.

Read more about our various treatments on our Aesthetics page. Contact us at 6235 3325 to enquire about any of our treatments.

A Round Up Of The Most Popular Aesthetic Procedures Of 2016 Fri, 25 Aug 2017 02:51:36 +0000 a-round-up-of-the-most-popular-aesthetic-procedures-of-2016

Aesthetic medicine has been growing in popularity recently, with new advancements in technology that allows patients to look more youthful without undergoing the knife. Such procedures are suitable for most patients, especially those who have a busy work life, and cannot afford time away from the office to recover from a full-on surgical procedure.

Aesthetic clinics such as EHA Clinic provide each of these top treatments and more, and are performed by resident doctor, Dr Elias Tam, who has over 20 years of experience in medicine, and will assist patients who have any queries, concerns or doubts about these minimally invasive procedures.

A report recently released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeon (ASPS) highlights the top five most commonly performed minimally invasive aesthetic procedures worldwide. We’ve put together a short summary of some of these procedures, so you can decide if they are suitable for you.

Botulinum toxin injection

Botox injections were the most common aesthetic procedures performed in 2016, with a total of 7 million Botox injections performed worldwide. This has increased slightly from the 2015 figures.

Primarily a treatment for wrinkles, Botox works by relaxing the muscles underneath the skin, reducing the lines formed on the face. During the treatment, the Botox solution is injected into the treated areas. Patients can leave the clinic afterwards without any concern about downtime; the muscles in the face will gradually relax and smoothen out deeper wrinkles on the face.

You may have seen the results of botched Botox treatments on the internet. Rest assured that you will never experience such results with EHA Clinic, as Dr Tam has over 10 years of experience performing Botox treatments.


The second most popular minimally invasive aesthetic procedures is the use of soft-tissue fillers, with over 2.6 million procedures performed last year.

Dermal fillers are very popular for their ability to minimize the appearance of eye bags. The fillers are injected into the affected areas, helping to smoothen the skin and restore some of the lost volume to the face. It is almost like having a temporary face-lift without undergoing the surgery.

Fillers are also well-known for adding to the fullness of the lips.

Laser Hair Removal

With 1.1 million treatments performed in 2016, laser hair removal is the fourth most popular minimally invasive treatment. Essentially, the treatment uses laser energy to heat hair follicles so that it no longer produces new hair. The treatment is primarily used on areas with unwanted hair, such as the legs and arms. The removal process is completely permanent.

At EHA Clinic, our laser hair removal is primarily done using the Soprano XLi machine to heat hair follicles very gradually, and with minimal discomfort. Soprano XLi also has an added side effect of tightening the skin in the treated areas, using NIR (near infra-red) technology.

EHA Clinic offers all three of these top five aesthetic treatments, and many others, such as Coolsculpting by Zeltiq and Liposonix. Contact us today at 6235 3325 for any enquiries regarding these treatments.

Understanding Liposonix Wed, 23 Aug 2017 07:12:06 +0000 Understanding Liposonix

Minimally invasive fat loss treatments are becoming a great option for busy office workers who prefer quick and painless ways to lose their stubborn pockets of fat. Such treatments, like Liposonix, can be a very feasible way to get rid of the unwanted fat.

Often known as the non-surgical version of Liposuction, Liposonix makes use of High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) energy to kill off fat cells on your body. The body would then absorb those dead cells through its natural healing processes, leaving you with a slimmer waistline.

This treatment is revolutionary because the focused energy only kills off the fat cells in the area, leaving the surrounding tissue untouched. As the treatment affects fat cells using ultrasonic energy, there are no incisions made on the skin, making the treatment minimally invasive.

A minimally invasive treatment has many advantages over invasive surgical procedures. Patients will not need to spend time recuperating after the procedure; they can resume their everyday life immediately after leaving the clinic. They will also avoid the ‘post-anaesthesia hangover’ – a woozy feeling a patient may feel after being injected with general anaesthesia. The treatment also takes place in a very short time: you’ll be in and out of the clinic within an hour.

Before your first treatment, you will have a one-on-one consultation with Dr Elias Tam, the resident doctor of EHA Clinic. Dr Tam has over 20 years of experience in medicine and would be the best person to address any queries or concerns you may have about this treatment. During the consultation, Dr Tam will explain to you how the treatment process works. Dr Tam can also advise you on whether this treatment is suitable for you; EHA also offers other cosmetic procedures that can reduce your waistline, such as Coolsculpting by Zeltiq.

Liposonix should not be used on tattooed skin, as the tattoos can affect the frequency and precision of the transmitted HIFU energy. Otherwise, Liposonix is safe on all skin types.

During your treatment, the Liposonix device will be used to deliver the HIFU energy directly to the selected treatment areas. Liposonix is a versatile treatment that can target different areas of the body, with the most common being the abs, thighs, hips, flanks and buttocks.

With Liposonix, you will only need one treatment to see dramatic results. The full results of the treatment should be visible within 12 weeks, but some patients see an improvement in their waistline much sooner. While most patients can get their desired result after a single session of Liposonix, some may return for multiple treatments to help them lose more fat.

Besides Liposonix, EHA Clinic also offers other fat removal procedures, such as Coolsculpting by Zeltiq, which uses extreme cold to freeze off fat cells.

Liposonix is a very effective fat removal procedure. It is approved for use in Singapore’s aesthetic clinics and is offered by EHA Clinic. Contact us at 6235 3325 today to enquire about Liposonix.

All you need to know about laser tattoo removal Mon, 21 Aug 2017 02:00:59 +0000 Laser tattoo removal

When you get a tattoo, you know that they will be permanent; an imprint on your skin that will forever remind you of how you felt at a specific point in your life. A tattoo could be a declaration of love, a nagging reminder never to do something again, or simply an aesthetic decoration on your skin.

But sometimes the tattoo might become unwanted reminders of our past mistake and indiscretions. Depending on the location of the tattoo, it may end up looking misshapen as your skin starts to sag with age, or as the ink begins to fade.

While tattoos are well-known to be permanent, there are some ways to remove the ink off your skin. EHA Clinic’s Discovery PICO laser tattoo removal is an advanced and effective way to erase the tattoo from your skin.

To fully understand how the tattoo removal process works, we must first understand how tattoos are inked on the skin. When you enter a tattoo parlor and get yourself inked, a mechanized needle is used to puncture the external layer of skin, which injects ink into the second layer of skin, known as the dermis. There is slight damage to the skin due to the puncturing, which is why the process hurts and the skin is red afterwards.

When tattoos are removed using lasers, the light beam is directly targeted on a single colour of ink, and it breaks up the inked particles until they can be carried away by the white blood cells, thereby being completely removed from the area.

All tattoos will require multiple sessions to remove regardless of the size. The number of sessions needed depends on the ink (carbon or metallic) used and the depth of the ink. Typically, metallic ink may need double the number of sessions as the particles are harder and more difficult to break up into smaller sizes. As the laser can only work on the upper most layer of the material in each session, more sessions would be required if the tattoo artist has injected more ink into a tattoo. For a large tattoo, it may be better to divide it into several parts for treatment, to make it more comfortable.

Black, blue & red tattoos are usually responsive to laser treatment. Some colours such as yellow and white are very difficult to treat. The efficacy depends on how well the laser is absorbed by the particles, which is dependent on the wavelength of the laser.

The new generation of laser with pulse duration in picosecond (and hence the term PICO laser) shortens the duration of contact of the laser on the skin to one tenth of that of the previous generation of laser. This shorter exposure reduces the sensation of discomfort, minimizes the risk of injury and complications while at the same time improves the efficacy with a higher peak energy delivered.

Patients who have undergone EHA’s laser tattoo removal process have reported only mild discomfort during the procedure, a sensation that is similar to having rubber bands snapped against the skin. EHA Clinic’s founding and resident doctor, Dr Elias Tam, who has over 20 years of medical experience, will numb the treated area before the procedure, to ensure that patients are as comfortable as possible.

After removing the tattoo, the treated areas may itch for a short while, and patients may experience some pin-point bleeding or small blisters. You are free to use a moisturiser on the treated area, along with other creams and ointments that Dr Tam may prescribe as part of the post-treatment care.

Within a few weeks, clear areas of skin will begin to appear as the ink begins to fade. The tattoo will lighten. After a few months, the full effect of the laser tattoo removal can be seen.

Have more questions about the laser tattoo removal process? Contact EHA Clinic at 6235 3325 for enquiries.

3 Interesting Facts About Dermal Fillers Fri, 18 Aug 2017 10:50:09 +0000 3-interesting-facts-about-dermal-fillers

Dermal filler injections are a popular cosmetic procedure that helps to reverse the signs of ageing on the face by adding volume to specific parts of the face. The added volume can make the lips plumper, hollowed-out areas more full, and cheeks enhanced with shape. Overall, injections of the dermal filler will help you regain the youthfulness on the face.

During the treatment, dermal fillers are injected into the treated areas on the face to plump up those areas. When the results of the procedure are fully realised, the wrinkles, creases, depression or folds on those areas will disappear, and those areas will seem fuller and perkier.

If you’re considering a dermal filler treatment, or are just curious about the process, this short 5-point guide will help you uncover some interesting points about dermal fillers.

Dermal fillers can be completely natural

Many dermal fillers available in the market are made from hyaluronic acid, which is a substance present in our body, including the skin, eyes and joints. This makes these fillers completely natural, so patients will not have to worry about hazardous side effects from synthetic fillers.

Hyaluronic acid fillers were approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2003, and continue to be one of the most commonly used dermal fillers in the world.

Other types of natural fillers can be made from collagen, a protein made from the skin that helps with maintaining skin elasticity and youthfulness.

Dermal fillers are mostly temporary

With fillers, it takes only one treatment to see the result. However, a typical dermal filler treatment will last anywhere between 5 and 18 months, depending on the type of dermal filler used and where it is injected. This means that a dermal filler is not permanent. Patients may gauge the effects of the fillers before they decide if they would like to continue with similar treatments; much like a trial. Patients can decide to discontinue having dermal fillers if they feel that the effects are not up to expectation.

The temporary nature of fillers is also advantageous as the patient may continue to have other forms of surgery on the face, whether for cosmetic or reparative reasons, when the effects of the dermal fillers wear off.

Dermal fillers are different from BOTOX

A common misconception is that dermal fillers are the same as BOTOX. While both require injections into specific parts of the face, they serve very different purposes. Dermal fillers help to add volume to parts of the face, making them seem fuller and firmer. BOTOX injections on the other hand relaxes the muscles underneath the skin, thereby loosening the muscles that causes wrinkles and creases on the face. The two procedures can be used together synergistically to get a better result.

Dermal fillers are an excellent albeit temporary solution to counteract the effects of facial aging. It is approved for use in aesthetic clinics all over the world, and is offered by EHA Clinic, a leading aesthetic clinic in Singapore. Contact us at 6235 3325 today to find out more about the dermal filler.

Doctor’s Tips – Acne Scarring Wed, 16 Aug 2017 02:00:37 +0000

Dr. Elias Tam of EHA Clinic explains the reasons why our skin is prone to acne, how acne scars are formed – and how they can be treated.
Understanding the FUE Hair Transplant Mon, 14 Aug 2017 07:52:12 +0000 understanding-the-fue-hair-transplant

Balding can be a scary process. When age catches up, your hair may start to fall off, leaving behind a receding hairline causing you to look older than your age.

This balding hairline in men is caused by a hormone that affects the hair, known as Di-Hydro-Testosterone (DHT). The hair follicles over the balding area at both sides of the hairlines above the temple and at the crown of the head are sensitive to DHT, eventually thinning and falling off. However, the hair on the back and sides of the head are different – they’re not as susceptible to DHT. This is the reason you often see balding men in their late-70s with a rim of hair around the back.

Hair transplants can be a feasible solution to the balding hairline. EHA Clinic offers hair transplants using the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method, which is a modern method practised by aesthetic clinics all over the world.

Over 270,000 men undergo the FUE hair transplant globally each year, making the FUE hair transplant one of the most popular hair transplant procedures around.

The FUE method of hair transplant extracts hair follicles from the non-balding parts of your head, transferring it to the balding area. Those follicles will grow over time, becoming new hair. The hair that grows is permanent. Your body will not reject the new hair either, as the hair is your own.

The main risk of FUE is in the limited number of hair follicles every person has for transplant. When a surgeon extracts the hair follicles from the area, some can be wasted – killed or dead – during the procedure. When that happens, precious hair follicles are wasted, and the patient may be left with less hair on their head.

It is therefore important to select a good, experienced doctor who will perform the procedure with utmost care and precision. Dr Elias Tam of EHA Clinic has had over 20 years of medical experience, and many satisfied patients. He is the doctor to handle your hair transplant procedure.

During the procedure, Dr Tam will carefully place each extracted hair graft on the scalp. By doing this, he has full control in helping you create a completely natural hairline. Hair grafts are transplanted into areas which previously held hair, achieving even more natural results.

The procedure can take several hours, depending on how much hair needs to be transplanted. The full results of the treatment can be evaluated after 10 months. However, the results will last a lifetime.

One of the best features of the FUE treatment is that there is minimal scarring when hairs are transplanted. There will only be a small scar of 1mm or less created from the procedure. The scar resembles tiny white scabs on the scalp, and will be easily hidden when the hair grows back. You can leave the clinic immediately once the procedure is completed.

The FUE hair transplant is a very effective solution for hair loss on the scalp. It is approved for use in Singapore’s aesthetic clinics, and is offered by EHA Clinic. Contact us at 6235 3325 today to enquire about the FUE hair transplant.