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One of today’s most popular cosmetic light treatments is IPL Photo-facial or photo-rejuvenation. It’s intense pulsed light technology has become a well-known, effective solution for rosacea, age spots, sun damage, fine lines, spider veins, acne and even hair removal through advancement in newer filters.

The IPL light beam is altered through the use of different filters, which can change the target cells of the treatment light. The IPL’s ( non laser) light is focused on hyper-pigmented spots on the skin, or individual hair follicles, and then uses the process of photothermolysis to treat skin with combined light and heat energy.

There have been many improvements in IPL technology in the recent years. For example, in Cell Toning, each pulse is further divided into smaller pulses of microsecond to reduce the heat and protect the skin while destroying the pigment, providing more comfort and a higher safety level.

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