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Procedure Type



Smooth skin and reduced hair growth



Treated Areas

Face, body, leg

Procedure Time

30 minutes

One of today’s most popular cosmetic light treatments is IPL Photo-facial or photo-rejuvenation. It’s intense pulsed light technology are used for rosacea, age spots, sun damage, fine lines, spider veins, acne and even hair removal through advancement in newer filters.

The IPL light beam is altered through the use of different filters, which can change the target cells of the treatment light. The IPL’s ( non laser) light is focused on hyper-pigmented spots on the skin, or individual hair follicles, and then uses the process of photothermolysis to treat skin with combined light and heat energy.

The treatment area is cleansed, Numbing cream is applied.

Treatment is close to painless as the doctor runs passes over the treatment area. The laser feels as if a rubber band is lightly snapping on the skin.

Treatment time is typically 20-30 minutes, depending on the site of treatment.

Smoother skin can be experienced after weeks from treatment.

Hair fall may be expected anytime from 3 weeks onwards. As the hair follicles at any one point in time are in different phases of the hair growth cycle. Some people may require maintenance laser treatments.

Individual results may vary.

While the Dermalift treatment is not a permanent method. Patients are usually advised to return every five months for a new injection.

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