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Procedure Type



Youthful and rejuvenated skin



Treated Areas

Face, Nose

Procedure Time

30 minutes

Facial Fillers Singapore

Dermal fillers for your face can soften your facial creases and any wrinkles present by restoring fullness to the face. They can also be used to plump up lips, fill in sunken cheeks, scars and skin depressions. In fact, dermal fillers are also known as “liquid facelifts” as they provide many of the advantages of a surgical facelift minus the long downtime, cost and risks involved in a surgical procedure.

These soft tissue fillers help to provide instant results by adding more volume, and are more affordable than surgery. However, these treatments are not permanent, and the patient should repeat the treatment in the future to maintain results.

Nose Fillers Singapore

Similar to facial fillers, nose fillers are also gaining popularity in Singapore as more and more people choose non-invasive procedures to improve their appearance.

There are different kinds of fillers in the market.

  1. Aquamid

Aquamid is not a filler that will produce permanent results. However, the effects of just a single treatment can last up to 5 years before another filler is required. It comes in the form of a homogeneous hydrogel and has been proven safe for use. If you choose to use Aquamid for your nose job, make sure to find a doctor who is experienced and capable of following the stringent guidelines laid out for this procedure.

  1. Restylane

This filler was originally developed to decrease wrinkles, but doctors can also use it to fill out the nose instead of performing rhinoplasty.

  1. Juverderm

With this filler, you can expect to get rid of nasolabial folds, resulting in an improved appearance. As with any brand of nose fillers, you are advised to choose a doctor who has vast experience in handling them.

Using nose fillers is an alternative to undergoing rhinoplasty.

Chin Fillers Singapore

Chin fillers is a procedure done to achieve slimmer looking face, as fillers can reshape your chin, potentially improving your frontal and side profile.

Cheek Fillers Singapore

Cheek fillers will help to create a more youthful appearance by plumping up the cheek area of your face that may have become more sunken due to the natural ageing process. Using fillers for your cheeks not only helps to counter volume loss but also improves the appearance of your nasolabial folds and eye bags.

Eye Fillers Singapore

Dark circles or sunken under eyes can make you look tired and older than you are. Using fillers around the eye area can help to improve any dark circles, and even reduce any fine lines found around the eyes.

There are many types of fillers that are commercially available. We use mainly the hyaluronic acid and the poly-L-lactic acid containing fillers.

The hyaluronic acid-based fillers contain hyaluronic acid which is a natural sugar found in the skin. It is water-loving and when injected under the skin, it draws in water and adds volume to the desired sites of treatment.

The poly-L-lactic acid fillers act by stimulating collagen as it disintegrates, thereby adding volume to the sites of treatment. This smoothen out lines and wrinkles over time, improving the youthfulness of the skin.

The doctor would choose the type of fillers according to its appropriateness in the site of treatment and tailor it to the expectations of the patient.

The treatment area is cleansed, Numbing cream is applied.

The doctor then makes multiple injections in the skin.

Mild swelling, redness and soreness can be expected right after treatment. But there should be no problems resuming normal activities.

Treatment time is typically 30 minutes, depending on the site of treatment.

Depending on the sites of treatment, immediate improvement can be appreciated.

Filling in static lines and wrinkles create a more youthful and radiant appearance.

Filling in sunken temples restores the shapeliness of a youthful oval face.

Filling in under eye hollowness results in a more invigorated, confident look.

A higher nose bridge and more defined nose tip accentuate other features of the face.

Filling in cheeks results in restoration of its prominence and also lifting, with an improvement of the nasolabial and marionette folds.

Filling in the chin and jawline takes away unsightly jowling, achieving a V-shaped face with right chin proportions.

Contact our clinic today to book an appointment with Dr Elias Tam if you would like to know more about dermal fillers and how they can help you. You will be able to get the estimated prices of one treatment, or the total cost if you decide to get fillers for different areas.

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